Wisconsin Hemp Processing

Almost one hundred years ago, Wisconsin led the nation in hemp production. Industrial hemp products like rope and fiber were commonplace. The prohibition of 1970 destroyed the hemp industry, until the 2014 farm bill gave Wisconsin hemp farmers a second chance. Today there are over 14,000 acres of hemp planted in the state, 10% of them located in Rock County, WI.

Goodland Extracts uses state of the art hemp extraction process and proprietary CBD extraction technology that makes us the best choice for any Wisconsin hemp farmer.


With a 95% + extraction rate, Goodland’s proprietary technology nearly doubles that of market standard technologies, making us the most efficient Wisconsin hemp processor.


We toll process hemp into oils for farmers using Ethanol. You can find out more and read about why we use Ethanol rather than CO2 for our processing.


Our quality assurance and control processes, and laboratory infrastructure are focused solely on bringing the safest and most pure ingredients to suppliers around the world.