What is CBD Isolate?

The rapidly growing CBD industry is producing plenty of new products for users who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD in its multiple forms. solate is the purest form available, perfect for those who want a product without the slightest trace of psychoactive compounds.

CBD isolate comes in either large crystals or fine powder, and is completely tasteless

How do I use CBD Isolate?

While this product may not be as aesthetically appealing as oils and ointments, its versatility is one of its best features. Other CBD products are labeled with full spectrum or broad spectrum, so consumers who like to be precise about the amounts of CBD they are ingesting will love the fact you can measure out exactly how much CBD you want to take.

  • Subligual – Place a small amount of CBD isolate powder under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds until the product is dissolved. THis way the CBD is absorbed directly into your mucus membranes and the desired effect is achieved much faster
  • Ingesting – CBD isolate is very stable and flavorless, allowing it to be easily mixed into drinks and foods without changing the taste. Make your own CBD gummies CBD brownies or anything you can imagine!
  • Topical – CBD isolate powder can be mixed into your favorite essential oils and topical creams for custom CBD products, exclusive to you.

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