CBG Isolate

What is CBG?

One of the lesser known compounds, CBG is the “Mother of All Cannabinoids.” Its acid, CBGA, is the precursor to all other compounds. Enzymes in the plant break CBGA down into the other acids, which after being exposed to heat or light are converted into CBD and other cannabinoids. CBG isolates take an extraordinary amount of plant material and processing since CBG exists in quantities of less that 1% in most strains, however many growers have been using cross breeding techniques and harvesting early to increase the yields of CBG isolates.

CBG isolate is the purest form of the product available, the extraction process strips away everything except for the desired compound. CBG isolate comes in a fine white powder or large crystals, depending on the extraction process used.

How do I use CBG?

While this product may not be as aesthetically appealing as oils and ointments, versatility is a key feature of using CBG isolates. Other CBD related products are labeled as full spectrum or broad spectrum, so consumers who want to be exact about the amounts of product they are ingesting will love using precise measured amounts

  • SUBLIGUAL – Place a small amount of CBG Isolate under your tongue for 60 seconds until the product is dissolved. This way the CBG is absorbed directly into your mucus membranes and the desired effect is achieved much faster.
  • INGESTING – CBG Isolate is very stable and flavorless, allowing it to be easily mixed into drinks and foods without changing the taste. Make your own CBG gummies CBG brownies or anything you can imagine!
  • TOPICAL – CBG Isolate powder can be mixed into your favorite essential oils and topical creams for custom CBG products, exclusive to you.