Is it legal to grow hemp in Wisconsin?

In 2017 Act 100 legalized the growing and processing of hemp in Wisconsin. Goodland Extracts formed in 2019 to meet the growing demand of Wisconsin hemp farmers in need of hemp processing and provide Wisconsin consumers with high quality CBD products. A high concentration of farmers operate in Rock County, WI however there are farms scattered across the entire state.

How do I get started growing hemp in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Hemp farmers operate under the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) Industrial Hemp Program. Wisconsin hemp growers need to apply online for a grower’s license before purchasing any seeds. Farmers must also give consent to DATCP to share their personal and business information in public records. After the application and background check have been approved, farmers are given a license. They must then submit a Variety Approval Form before planting. Additionally Wisconsin hemp growers will also be required to complete a Planting Report, Harvest Notification Form, and Final Production/Processing Report, which will be provided by Goodland Extracts.

Where do I buy Hemp Seed?

DATCP has established a hemp seed certification program, seeds can be purchased from a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies. This seed certification agency must include the testing and certification of THC concentrations in hemp plants. Importing seeds into Wisconsin for planting a cultivation requires permission from the U.S. DEA, so farmers should plan ahead so as not to miss out on optimal planting times.

How Do I Grow Hemp in Wisconsin?

Hemp growers in Wisconsin are following in a rich history of industrial hemp. After receiving a grower’s license, farmers can begin planting and harvesting hemp. The optimal planting time is from mid May to late June.

What are the testing requirements?

Most of the hemp grown in Wisconsin is intended for CBD, around 93%. A strict limit on psychoactive compounds is placed on harvested plants- no more than 0.3% THC is allowed. Goodland Extracts has state of the art testing to ensure compliance with Wisconsin Law.