Full Spectrum CBD Oil Extraction Method

​Goodland Extracts employs an oil and ethanol recovery system to produce consistent full spectrum CBD oil. Our proven process is operating at three similar facilities. These facilities produce oil with an average CBD content of 60% and recovers approximately 90% of the available cannabinoids. We continuously improve and optimize the process flow, utilizing cGMP and compliance to applicable FDA regulations, to increase productivity.

​The extraction and purification of cannabinoids is a complex and meticulous process. There are a variety of methods for extracting cannabinoid (CBD) oil for hemp. Oil and ethanol recovery systems are an industry lead method for obtaining pure, highly concentrated full spectrum cannabinoid oils for human consumption. This method overcomes the long retention times and expense of CO2 extractions, adverse health effects of alternate hydrocarbon solvents, and low cannabinoid yields.

​The oil and ethanol recovery method consist of introducing supercooled USP ethanol (solvent) to the hemp. The extraction of solutes from the hemp is also accomplished under supercooled conditions. This reduces the extraction of unwanted solutes for the hemp; chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids have reduced solubilities in ethanol at subzero temperatures. After allowing the ethanol to extract the solutes, the hemp is centrifuged to separate the plant particles from the extracted oil.

​The crude oil is then transferred to a falling film evaporator for separating the ethanol from the oil. The recovered ethanol can be reused in subsequent batches. The evaporator removes 99%+ of the ethanol on the first pass. The separated oil passes through a 1-micron (µm) filter apparatus to remove any residual plant particles, waxes, and oils to winterization the oil. Next, the oil is transferred to a decarboxylation reactor. Under controlled heating, mixing, and vacuum the extracted cannabidiolic acids are converted to metabolically active cannabinoids. This yields high-quality full spectrum CBD oil that can be used in a wide variety of consumer products or further processed to obtain distillates and isolates.

Extraction Process Flow

  • 1. HEMP

  • 2. Extraction

    Ethanol extracts oil

  • 3. Filteration

    Removes plant particulates

  • 4. Winterization

    Separates lipids, fats, and waxes

  • 5. Recovery

    99% + solvent removal

  • 6. Decarboxylation

    Activates cannabidiols

  • 7. Full Spectrum CBD Oil